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Cycle and roller sports encompass various activities that involve riding bicycles or using roller skates or inline skates. These sports provide an exciting and physically challenging experience for individuals of all ages. Here are some examples of cycle and roller sports:

  1. Cycling: Cycling involves riding bicycles either for leisure, transportation, or competition. It includes various disciplines such as road cycling, mountain biking, track cycling, and BMX.


  1. Roller Skating: Roller skating is a recreational activity that involves moving on roller skates with wheels arranged in a line. It can be done indoors on roller rinks or outdoors on paved surfaces.


  1. Roller Derby: Roller derby is a fast-paced contact sport played on roller skates. Two teams compete to score points by having a designated player, called the jammer, lap members of the opposing team.


  1. Skateboarding: Although not technically a cycle sport, skateboarding involves riding a skateboard and performing tricks and maneuvers on ramps, rails, and other structures.


  1. Inline Skating: Inline skating, also known as rollerblading, involves using inline skates with wheels arranged in a single line. It can be done recreationally or as a competitive sport in disciplines like inline hockey and aggressive inline skating.

Whether you prefer cycling on roads or trails, enjoying a leisurely roller skating session, or engaging in high-energy roller derby matches, cycle and roller sports offer a thrilling way to stay active and have fun.

Cycle / Roller Sports in Georgia

Georgians of all ages love to hop on their bikes and roller skates for some fun in the sun. Outdoors, participants can get their blood pumping and feel the rush of speed and motion in these sports. 


There’s no shortage of thrills to be had in the world of cycling and roller sports, whether you’re looking to see the sights, challenge yourself, or just have a good time with your pals. In Georgia, cyclists and rollerbladers can find a wide range of terrains and sites to indulge their passions and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Cycle / Roller Sports

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