Sports Car Racing

Thrills, Speed, and Excitement

Car racing is a thrilling motorsport that captures the hearts of adrenaline enthusiasts worldwide, including in the beautiful country of Georgia. With its scenic landscapes, winding roads, and passionate fan base, Georgia has become a destination for both local and international car racing events. Let’s explore the exciting world of car racing in Georgia.

A Motorsport Legacy in Georgia

Georgia has a rich history in motorsports, dating back to the early 20th century when car racing first gained popularity. Over the years, the country has produced talented drivers and hosted various racing competitions, showcasing its passion for speed and competition.

Notable Car Racing Events in Georgia


Georgia has become a hub for exhilarating car racing events that attract racing enthusiasts from around the world. One such event is the Georgian Touring Car Championship, where skilled drivers compete in thrilling races on circuits across the country. This championship showcases the talents of local drivers and offers an exciting spectacle for fans.

Another noteworthy car racing event in Georgia is the Tbilisi City Racing, an urban motorsport extravaganza that takes place in the heart of the capital city. This event brings together professional drivers who showcase their skills on a specially designed street circuit, providing an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators.

Beyond organized racing events, Georgia offers car enthusiasts the opportunity to explore its breathtaking landscapes through scenic drives. The country’s winding mountain roads, picturesque coastal routes, and charming countryside provide the perfect backdrop for thrilling drives and unforgettable road trips. From the rugged terrain of the Georgian Military Highway to the coastal beauty of the Black Sea, Georgia offers a diverse range of driving experiences.

Georgia’s Scenic Roads: A Haven for Car Enthusiasts

Supporting the Future of Car Racing in Georgia

The passion for car racing in Georgia extends beyond the professional circuits. Local car clubs and organizations actively promote grassroots motorsports, providing opportunities for aspiring drivers to hone their skills. These initiatives aim to cultivate the next generation of talented drivers and ensure the continued growth of car racing in the country.


Embracing Safety and Sustainability

As car racing gains momentum in Georgia, safety, and sustainability are key considerations. Organizers and participants prioritize implementing safety measures to ensure the well-being of drivers, crew members, and spectators. Additionally, promoting environmentally friendly practices and raising awareness about sustainable racing play a vital role in preserving Georgia’s natural beauty for generations to come.



Car racing in Georgia is a thrilling and vibrant motorsport scene that combines speed, skill, and passion. From organized championships and street racing events to scenic drives through the country’s breathtaking landscapes, car enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill of car racing in Georgia. As the sport continues to evolve, Georgia’s love for car racing remains unwavering, attracting fans and drivers from near and far.


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