Charity sports events provide a unique opportunity to combine the love of sports with giving back to the community. At GEO Sports, we believe that participating in charity events not only supports a good cause but also promotes a sense of camaraderie among participants.

In Georgia, charity sports events are a common occurrence, and we are proud to sponsor and support many of them. From marathons to cycling races, our team works closely with event organizers to ensure that the events are successful and impactful.

Sponsor charity sporting events

Sponsoring in sports charity competitions is also an excellent way for businesses to give back while promoting their brand. We work with companies to identify the best sponsorship opportunities and create meaningful partnerships with event organizers.

At GEO Sports, we are committed to supporting charity sports events in Georgia and beyond. Contact us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and how you can get involved in giving back to your community through sports.

Georgia Charity Sports Events

Charity sports events are an excellent way to combine sports and community service. In Georgia, there are numerous charity sports events held throughout the year that raise money and awareness for various causes.


One of the most popular charity sports events in Georgia is the Tbilisi Marathon. This marathon, held annually in the capital city of Tbilisi, attracts runners from all over the country and beyond. Participants can choose between the full marathon, half marathon, and 10k race, with all proceeds going to support a selected charity.

Another popular charity sports event is the Bike for HIV/AIDS. This cycling event, held annually in Tbilisi and other cities throughout the country, raises money to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Georgia. Participants can choose between different cycling routes depending on their skill level, and all funds raised go towards helping those in need.

Join us in making a difference in the community and supporting the athletes of tomorrow by becoming a sponsor of our charity sports events in Georgia. Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can help make a positive impact.