BASE Jumping


Have you ever been standing on a cliff, looking down, when a voice within your head encourages you to leap off? Ice Hang BASE Jumping can make this feeling come true. In fact, while participating in this activity, a thrilling force rushes through your veins, your heart races with a mix of excitement and terror, and you are aware that in a few seconds you will take a step of faith into unknown things. From all over the world, thrill seekers have been enthralled by this breathtaking extreme sport. Adrenaline addicts have discovered nirvana in Georgia’s untamed nature, where majestic glaciers meet towering mountains.


BASE Jumping in Georgia

In recent years, Georgia has been a popular location for base jumpers. The excitement of leaping off breathtaking natural formations draws thrill seekers from all around to this popular sport. 


Georgia offers base jumpers an ideal playground with its untamed mountain ranges and beautiful cliffs, offering a wide variety of breathtaking jump places. Georgia has developed itself as a regional center for base jumping thanks to its expanding reputation and thriving community of enthusiastic jumpers.


Geo Sports and BASE Jumping

A significant part of the development and promotion of BASE jumping in Georgia has been played by Geo Sports, a well-known sports company. Geo Sports offers a selection of services made especially for BASE jumpers as part of its commitment to offering outstanding adventure sports experiences. These services include qualified advice, equipment rental, and qualified training courses. This group sees to it that thrill hunters have everything they need to begin their base jumping expeditions.


BASE Jumping Events in Georgia

Geo Sports hosts exhilarating base jumping events that attract both amateurs and experts. These occasions give seasoned jumpers a chance to show off their prowess while also motivating beginners who are prepared to dive into the base jumping realm.


Geo Sports BASE Jumping contests provide spectacular exhibitions and thrilling competitions that foster a vibrant environment infused with camaraderie and a common love of the sport. Whether you are an expert jumper or a curious onlooker, these competitions provide a rare opportunity to witness the thrill and expertise of base jumping in action.


Are You Interested in This Field?

Geo Sports provides complete services to talent, talent hunters, players, coaches, and referees for anyone trying to get into the base jumping scene. They actively look for motivated individuals who have the potential to flourish in the sport through a committed talent scouting program. Experienced coaches will train and individually mentor these talents after they have been discovered. They can develop their abilities and advance in their BASE jumping career in this way. Geo Sports also collaborates closely with referees to guarantee impartial and unbiased assessments of games.


Learn to Be Your Best

Due to the significance of education and enhancement of skills in this sport, Geo Sports provides a wide range of instruction services. The Geo Sports team provides thorough training programs for newcomers, giving them the information and abilities they need to safely complete their first jumps. These courses cover a variety of topics, such as equipment handling, safety measures, and jumping skills. Additionally, knowledgeable experts lead workshops and seminars, giving attendees the chance to learn from the best in the business and obtain insightful knowledge about the base jumping industry.

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